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VAT Accounting

10 July 20

​VAT accounting is an important aspect of business. The accounting is key to maintaining proper books and records. The system should be designed in such a way that transaction processing becomes easier and comply with relevant legislation.



10 July 20

The world today is moving towards outsourcing. The businesses are continuously focusing on the core activities. Outsourcing of booking keeping provide and opportunity to businesses to save cost and time.


Financial Accounting

10 July 20

Financial accounting involves policies and procedures from transaction processing to financial statements stage. The financial accounting is fundamental to the success of the business.


International Financial Reporting Standards "IFRS"

10 July 20

IFRS are used globally. The financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS provide homogeneous information. The IFRS financial statements are widely accepted around the world.


United States Generally Acccepted Accounting Principles "US GAAP"

10 July 20

The Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) is developed and maintained by the FASB. The ASC is the only source of authoritative GAAP in the US (other than SEC issued rules and regulations that only apply to SEC registrants).

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